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How to save energy in spring


Spring has arrived and brought with it warmer temperatures and longer days. We’ve got some tips which could help you reduce your energy bills.


Adjust your heating settings

First of all, you won’t need the heating on as much as in winter. Especially if you’re not at home. Energy Saving Trust estimates that the easiest and best way to think money is switching your heating off more frequently, to make sure no heat is wasted.

Another setting you might want to adjust is the temperature. It is getting warmer outside which means your thermostat won’t need to be set at a high temperature. Setting your thermostat at 19 degrees should warm up your home enough to feel comfortable, especially if you dress for spring, not summer yet. The Energy Saving trust further estimated that turning the thermostat down by just 1 degree in spring can lead to savings up to £85 per UK household.


Using Sunlight

You can easily reduce your energy bills by using natural light instead of artificial light in the mornings and evenings. On a sunny day, this will also provide some extra warmth in your home.

However, if you have the heating on in the evening, close your curtains or blinds. While it might be nice to let the evening light in, leaving your curtains drawn back you risk wasting energy and money. Estimates suggest that closing your curtains in the bedroom while you have the heating on can reduce the loss of heat by 14 to 15 percent.


Extra heat sources

Using extra heat sources around your home could reduce your bills. An example of this could be leaving the kitchen door open after the kitchen heated up from using the hob or the oven. Another way could be leaving the bathroom door open after a hot shower. This allows the warmed-up air to circulate around your home.


Stop using the tumble drier

If you have a tumble drier you probably already know that they are expensive to run appliances. With temperatures warming up outside, you should consider drying your clothes outside. Not only will it save you money, but you also won’t run the risk of shrinking any of your clothes.


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